Monday, December 04, 2006

2 month appointment

[posted by mommy]

Even though I am a little over two months I had my 2 month appointment with my new doctor. In fact I made history because I was the very first patient of the new Princess Anne Practice that opened today. I really like my doctor. I was all smiles the whole appointment until I got my shots, then I cried because it hurt but then when the doctor came back in I was all smiles again.

They weighed me without even my diaper and so I am 11lbs 9oz..with my diaper I am almost 13 lbs. I am now exactly 2 feet tall. My head is 15.5 inches. All of these are exactly average for babies.

I received my first immunizations. That was not fun but mommy told me it hurt less than if I got the sicknesses it protects me from.

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