Thursday, January 11, 2007

Some firsts

[posted by mommy]

I can now laugh which is a lot of fun because people act goofy to try to make me laugh. I am also starting to teeth which is no fun. When put at a 45 degree angle leaning back, I can make myself sit upright. When I'm placed on my tummy I can lift and hold my head up at least 45 dgrees. According to my doctor this Monday, I weigh 13lbs, 9 oz but my mommy took my weight at home yesterday and I weigh 14 lbs. I also ate a very soft cooked carrot slice yesterday (almost the whole thing). I really liked it. I have also tried mashed potatoes and peas. Mommy's milk is still the best. I am wearing clothes now labeled for a 9 month old. I now say mom and mama very clearly. Its my favorite word because mommy comes when I say them. I liked all the twinkles and cried when mommy and daddy took them down.

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