Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mommy Apologizes

Mommy is getting really bad at keeping the blog up to date. Joshua is growing and growing. He is "precrawling" in that he gets up onhis knees and swings his body and sometimes will slowly put one knee forward...but not fully crawling. Anyday now though. He is also standing with us supporting him for balance (or he can hold onto a piece of furniture). He eats all sorts of food including his favorites (bitter bite cookies and zweibeck toast). He also eats veggies, fruits, chicken, turkey and he loves nutrolls and peirogis.

At Mass, Fr Steve at Star or the Sea (we go there for daily Mass sometimes) saves a piece of the host that he holds up for him. He receives usually twice a week and is really well behaved. Above will be posted some more recent pictures including mommy baby pictures from the Picture People linked here.

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