Friday, November 03, 2006

I keep learning

(posted by Daddy)

I keep learning new things every day. I've learned how to fake being hungry; so that when I want Mommy, I know what to do. I've also learned how to indicate that I want to have a tour of the house. I just hold my head up and look intently at something far away, I then get my tour.

I have my schedule set. It starts when the sun goes down -- I know that this is a sign that I will get to see Daddy soon, so I get up and alert. Then I play and have fun for a few hours. I like this time. Then, I go and take a long nap until it gets light out. Sometimes I drive around places then, sometimes I sleep in for a few more hours. Then, I get up a little. Then I take a nap. Then I get up and it starts to get dark, so the cycle continues.

As long as I am help about 23 and 1/2 hours a day, and am fed, changed, played with, and entertained, all is well. I'm quiet and well-behaved. When things don't go right, I sing a song and all is fixed.

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