Sunday, October 15, 2006

My favorite time - Eating

posted by Mommy

I really like to eat every two hours except when I'm really hungry and not sleepy, and then I eat every hour. I like mommy's milk best. Sometimes mommy and daddy try to give me other things like vitamins or even milk that they call "mommy's milk" but its doesn't taste the same and it always seems colder and most of the time I don't see mommy when I eat it.

I like to eat as long as I can before I fall asleep. Mommy always wakes me up though to burp me, which I like too...but sometimes I wish I could keep sleeping. (I think sometimes she wants to keep sleeping too).

I really like when mommy holds me with both arms across her body. I used to like laying beside her...but my head has gotten too big which makes that type of feeding much more difficult for me.

Mommy lets me eat everywhere and at any time. We've eaten at Babies R Us, at our Legion of Mary meeting, and Mass, after Mass at Church, in the car parked in a parking lot. Mommy says I've become an expert at eating. But what I can I say...its my favorite thing to do.

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Yaya said...

A wise man once said that the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree and that's the case with Joshua. Daddy loved Mommy's milk, too.