Friday, October 13, 2006

Things I Like to Do

[posted by Dad]

I posted earlier that I like to be held. That is still true. I also
like to smile back at my mom when she smiles. Another one of my
favorite games is trying to knock mommy's glasses off. That is fun; I
mainly do it when I'm singing her a song.

My favorite songs to sings are: I am hungry, I want to be held, and I
am not comfortable. Sometimes I sing when I want to be held up high and
be given a tour of what is around me. I like to look around some.


StacyLovesJoshua said...

Joshua, you look so handsome in your pictures but even more handsome in person! You should make sure to be nice to you dad and mom and jaja and papaou and especially your aunties!!! :) We all love you very much! Don't forget about our secret society meeting tonight ;)



Mom said...

Joshua also likes to push himself up on his feet when mommy holds him. He also likes to make cute faces. He likes things calm and peaceful...especially when he is sleeping. He likes to snuggle next to mom when he sleeps. He is also starting to like bathtime. Once he starts getting all the soap on...especially the shampoo, he calms down and even smiles. He mostly likes being held.